Why Outsource Office Cleaning?

Regardless of the categories of business you are in, you would want others to see the best side of you. This can create more business which then turn into higher profits. As such, typically, businesses spend about 3% -10% of their operation expenses on maintenance.

Hiring a commercial cleaning team to maintenance your office has the following advantages:

  1. Don’t have to worry about cleaners go on MC or leave

By outsourcing your cleaning requirement, you can be assured that there is always a cleaner does the cleaning

  1. Don’t have to handle difficult relationships and underperformance

Miscommunication and mismatch of expectation do happen. In such cases, if the cleaner is an in-house cleaner, it would be difficult to find a replacement if the situation does not improve. Hence with a third party cleaner provider, this issue will be easily resolved through a swap of cleaner.

  1. Pay only for what is needed

Many offices do not require a full time cleaner due to the size of the operation. As such, if only part time cleaner is required, customer do not need to pay more for a full time cleaner.

  1. Don’t have to handle chemical and equipment procurement

Why delegate precious manpower to procuring of cleaning chemical and equipment when more value can be generated through the core business? In addition, cleaning companies usually have a more competitive price when comes to bulk chemical and equipment purchases.

About Us

Office Cleaning Services, a subdivision of Abba Maintenance. We are a leading office cleaning provider in Singapore which cater both part-time and full-time cleaners. We have a huge pool of professionally trained cleaners that cater to different office needs

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