Tips on Which Timing to Engage Part-time Office Cleaning

Tips on Which Timing to Engage Part-time Office Cleaning

What is the best timing for part time office cleaning? Morning or Evening or during operating hours?

Other than our home, the second place we spend the most time at will be our office. As such office’s cleanliness becomes very important. A messy and dirty place not only increases the chances of employees falling ill, it can also become a source of stress. Consider the following aspects in your decision-making –

1. Do you want to minimise disturbances?

If the answer is yes, office cleaning should be conducted before or after office hours. With carpet and vacuum cleaning involved, the sound might disrupt people having calls, in meetings or trying to concentrate on work. The cleaning of pantry with running water might be an additional cause of concern.

2. How frequent do you need the office to be cleaned?

Usually, most cleaning can wait till the end of the day to be executed. Cleaning can be done from once a week to daily. Therefore, unless the client requires a tea lady to provide pantry services such as serving drinks and preparation of meeting rooms, cleaning can be done outside office hours

3. Scope of work

For general cleaning services in an office, these includes wiping the desk, emptying of rubbish bins, washing the cups at pantry, spot cleaning of glass doors and partitions and vacuuming of the carpet. However, some office has their own in-house toilets, gym and even cafeteria. This will result in regular maintenance being required and cleaning should be done throughout the day. If an office is more than 20,000 square feet in size, or have more than 100 employees, than having more than one cleaner might be required to meet the needs of the client.

4. Privacy

Clients in the financial institutions have high requirement in terms of privacy protection. Thus, they may prefer cleaning done when there are people around in the office. There might be some disturbances but Office Cleaning Singapore is able to keep it to a minimum and perform the louder sounding cleaning services during lunch time or nearing closing time.

5. Size of the office

Smaller offices, such as those under 2000 square feet usually have the flexibility to choose before office hour cleaning as they require a much shorter cleaning duration than bigger offices. Hence if the cleaner comes in at 7am, cleaning should be done by 9am. For bigger offices, it might take an hour or two longer, but most loud cleaning should be done in the first 2 hours of cleaning.


Our preference is to clean after office hours but we can accommodate to the needs of clients. We would recommend cleaning after office hours for the following reasons. For hygiene reason, the rubbish bin should be emptied at the end of the day. Most office allow employees to eat in the office. Hence, the leftover food will become bacteria breeding ground overnight, with some even emitting smells. When cleaning is performed after office hours, the trash can be removed and cleaning will be done to ensure that the next morning, employee can come into a fresh office and ready to get productive. Our cleaners are also able to clean thoroughly when employees are not at their workstations. During office hours, it might be difficult to clean places that are occupied.

With all things considered, we hope the above pointers help you to decide when should you have a commercial cleaning crew coming to your office.

Office Cleaning Singapore has cleaners that can do the job at any time of day and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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