What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Foreign Cleaner?

What are the Pros and Cons of Hiring a Foreign Cleaner?



Our foreign cleaner age averages around 35 years old. Local cleaners are usually older, often becoming a cleaner in their later years.

Working attitude

Foreign workers who come from places such as China and Vietnam usually pay a hefty agent fee before they can get here. Hence, they tend to be very focused on working hard and making money in Singapore. As such, we rarely have cases where a client complains about our foreign worker being not cooperative or lazy. Cleaners that receive complaints risk getting sent back to their homeland. In addition, we pay top-performing cleaners with bonus which incentives them to strive and work harder.


It is no doubt that younger cleaners have more energy and the ability to perform cleaning tasks for a longer period of time. Our workers usually take half the time vs an elderly work with proper training in place. They are able to perform the same tasks with greater efficiency and precision. Younger workers are less prone to injuries at work hence this minimises the risk of work hazards.

Younger cleaners in general are more flexible in adapting to situations and solving problems on site. With their smartphones, they can communicate via apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat which reduces the need for calling and can take instructions conveniently.

Working Hours

Our local Singaporean cleaners usually work a 44 hours’ work week, mostly from 7am to 4pm Monday to Fridays. On the other hand, our foreign cleaners are willing to work longer hours, up to 72 hours of overtime per month.  This is usually more suitable for clients who would like to have cleaners work longer hours to meet the needs of the office.


Foreign workers generally are more reliable in terms of attendance. As they are still young, they seldom take medical leave or get sick. This reduces the hassle of getting replacement cleaners who can be disruptive to the regular operations at the office.



Typically, foreign cleaners from China and Vietnam have poor English-speaking standard. This might be a challenge when clients are mostly English speaking. However, with proper deployment and clear explanation of the scope, there is usually minimal communications required. Communications can be made instead with the supervisor and through mobile apps.


With the rising cost of levy and standard of living in foreign countries, the cost of hiring a foreigner cleaner can be more than double vs a Singapore cleaner. However, when comparing the output per unit time, it is better off for clients to engage foreign cleaners.

Like many countries, Singapore faces the problem of an aging population and shortage of labour supply especially for the blue-collar work which younger generation shy away from. We must admit the fact that it is becoming harder to hire local cleaners as compared to the past. However, we are thankful that Office Cleaning Singapore has responsible and reliable local and foreign cleaners that helps us to achieve 96% customer retention rate.

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