We ensure that we utilise cutting edge technology
so that you carpet looks good as new.

Our cutting edge technology for carpet cleaning in Singapore provides stunning results every time. Our technology is more effective than traditional methods.


1. Thorough Vacuum

We will remove all dirt, dust and soil from your carpets with our high-quality vacuum. In addition, we will prevent deterioration of carpet fibres with the removal of soil.

2. Powerful Stain removal

With high speed rotating brushes working with our cleaning solution, the toughest of stains can be loosened from the carpet fibres. The powerful scrubbing action works to remove ground-in, embedded dirt. Heavy-duty suction power works to lift and extract dirt and odour. Allergens such as pollen and bacteria are effectively captured and removed from your carpet.

3. Dirty water extraction

Dirty water with suspended soil from carpet is extracted with a powerful suction which greatly reduces the drying time of the carpet.

4. Floor blower

The powerful Turbo Cleanwill floor blower is used to dry the carpet two times faster than a regular blower. The blower is not only powerful but also quiet. The carpet will then be coated with a layer of 3M Scotchgard which prevents future stains and keep your carpet looking clean for a longer time.