Nobody likes dealing with pests and rodents like cockroaches, rats and beetles.

Aside from being unsightly and even scary to some individuals, these rodents actually carry diseases and bacteria! In fact, cockroaches are known to carry serious illnesses like typhoid and dysentery as they contain dangerous substances like salmonella typhi and poliomyelitis, respectively. Likewise, rodents are known to transmit diseases like lassa fever, salmonellosis, tularemia, Omsk Hemorrhagic fever and more. Thus, you need to make sure your working and living spaces are free of these pesky animals in order to retain optimal health!

If you are struggling with pests at your working space at the office or commercial building, then it is imperative that you use our pest control services in Singapore to make sure you create a liveable working space that is pest-free.

Office Cleaning Singapore is a leading cleaning company in Singapore and we have worked with numerous commercial corporations and office buildings. As renowned experts in the industry, we have specialised equipments to make sure your working and living spaces are completely free of disease-ridden animals. We offer comprehensive pest control treatments and services for our customers in Singapore. Our services are top-rated, and we guarantee to do a thorough job to make sure that your workplace is spick and span and also rodent free.

As a premier cleaning services provider, we are committed to creating a safe and liveable environment for all our customers. We understand how important well-being and health are, that’s why we always channel a 100% effort into ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our clients. You can count on us to safeguard the sanitation levels of your working space.

Learn more about our 3-step anti-rodent process below:

1. Inspection and Identification

We do a thorough inspection and identification to ensure an effective pest control program. Our pest control specialists are experienced and able to identify the species and source of pests and strategize for the best pest elimination process that is efficient and effective. We will use state-of-the-art equipment to inspect your work and living space and detect the problematic rodents. After which, we will be able to recommend the best and most appropriate treatments to make sure the issue is fully resolved.

2. Elimination

After identification of the species of pest in your home, our pest specialists will tailor an elimination plan. This may involve baiting and trapping the pests, but in severe scenarios repeated visits will be made to ensure eradication. The implementation will be done with our best in class technology, machinery and safe chemicals. We will install the treatments at strategic points in the affected area. However, please rest assured that our solutions will not obstruct your day-to-day activities and implicate your well-being.

3. Follow-up and Monitoring

Finally, when the rodents are removed, our team will continue to follow-up to ensure that the problem is fully eradicated. We can provide consistent follow-up and monitoring on a schedule for your pest control needs. This ensures that any other pest issues that arises can be spotted and eradicated immediately before it escalates. Follow-ups could take place on a monthly basis.

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Why Choose Office Cleaning Singapore?

Office Cleaning Singapore is proud to offer affordable office and industrial pest control services. As a first-class cleaning company in Singapore, we offer the most competitive rates and best treatments to make your workspace look as good as new.


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