• Commercial Cleaning

      Vacuum, sweeping and mopping
      Wiping and dusting of all surfaces
      Washing of pantry
      Clearing trash
      Glass cleaning
      Toilet cleaning and sanitization

    • Carpet Cleaning

      Thorough vacuum for soil removal
      Stain removal and scrubbing
      Shampooing of carpet
      Dirty water extraction
      Drying the carpet
      Coating of carpet

    • Stone Care

      If your stone sculptures need some polishing to get more shine, then have no fear, because we offer stone care on our website too!

      Our professionally trained technicians have more than 20 years of experience with stone restoration and polishing. We will make sure we restore the shine and aesthetic appeal of your stones using our effective tools. Using real diamonds, your marble will regain its shine in no time!

    • Pest Control

      Thorough investigation
      Identification of pests
      Customised plan
      Elimination of pests
      Follow-up sessions
      Regular monitoring