We utilise the most skilled professionals for commercial cleaning in Singapore.

Sanitation is paramount for any working and living space. Not only will a clean space improve your mental and physical capabilities, but cleanliness could also enhance your emotional and physical well-being. After all, a workplace, like a commercial building and office, needs to feel like home in order for your employees to feel a sense of belonging and dedication to the company. It is might seem trivial at first, but a clean working space is one key aspect which could influence an employee’s motivation.

If you are looking for a cleaning specialist to give your commercial space a thorough wipedown then you are at the right website.

When it comes to cleaning for industrial and commercial buildings, Office Cleaning Singapore is your choice commercial cleaning services provider in Singapore. With a team of highly competent and experienced staff who have been trained to provide nothing short of excellence with it comes to commercial cleaning for buildings and working spaces in Singapore. Having rendered our expertise to notable companies across the country, we are the partners you can trust.

Whether your working space needs regular maintenance or a thorough wipedown, we will be sure to leave your space as neat as a new pin!


Our professional team will take care of the heavy-duty commercial cleaning for our clients in Singapore. This would include:


Vacuuming of carpet, sweeping and mopping the floor
Wiping and dusting of all surfaces, including desks, filing cabinets, office appliances and computers.
Maintenance of the pantry area including washing and cleaning of fridge periodically
Clearing trash from pantry and workstations
Spot cleaning for glass panels and use glass cleaner to remove all marks and fingerprints.
Toilet cleaning (thorough washing including scrubbing of floor and cleaning of facilities)
Wipe down all vertical surfaces in the office with an all-purpose cleaner


Our cleaners will make sure everything is spick and span before we leave the premises. Rest assured that we will make sure every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned.

Why Choose Office Cleaning Singapore

What makes Office Cleaning Singapore the top commercial cleaning services providers in Singapore?

Apart from having a seasoned and dynamic team of experts at our disposal, Office Cleaning Singapore also offers the most competitive pricing and affordable rates in Singapore. We pride ourselves on offering top-notch cleaning services at superb prices that you can’t find elsewhere on the island.

Furthermore, we are the one-stop shop for sanitation solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions using specialised equipment. Whether your carpet needs some shampooing or your stone sculptures need some polishing, you can trust us to recommend the best products and services.

Moreover, Office Cleaning Singapore has always focused on putting our best foot forward in whatever we do. We prioritise quality over quantity in every situation that we do. We seek to provide solutions that not only meet but also exceed your expectations. The team at Office Cleaning Singapore remains committed to putting the needs of our customers first in all that we do.


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