Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Cleaning in Singapore

Everything You Need to Know about Commercial Cleaning in Singapore

It is important to have a clean workplace as it is crucial for health and safety. With the increase in incidence of work hazards when employees work in a messy place, employers have the responsibility to provide a safer environment for their workers. Having a cleaner office decreases the chances of your employees getting ill and will keep them healthy and productive. For instance, when common areas of your workplace such as washrooms and pantries are not clean, the chances of germ infection increase. According to Kimberly-Clark, there are 20,951 germs per square inch in a pantry of an office. If you do not have an in-house janitor team or have not hired full-time or part-time services of commercial cleaning services in Singapore, this immense number of germs will affect the health of your employees.


How Can You Choose A Commercial Cleaning Service?

There are many businesses who might have a misconception that cleaning their office is a fairly easy task, especially if it is a smaller size and take it on themselves. However, there are various factors that you might miss out on. Here are some pointers that you can consider in your decision-making process:

What Services Are They Specialized In?

Cleaning companies usually put up their services on their website. After shortlisting a few companies, you can request for a quotation and a meeting. At Office Cleaning Singapore, we believe in providing transparency in our cost and meeting our clients to understand their needs. Below are some questions you can ask the cleaning company to assess their capability:

  • Locations they serve?
  • Types of clients they service?
  • Do they provide back up or replacement workers?
  • How much experience do they have in the field?
  • Which type of cleaning products do they use?
  • Existing clientele that are happy with their service and reviews given?

Do They Have References?

When choosing a commercial cleaning service, references from multiple existing clients will be a strong indication of competency.

What Cleaning Products & Equipment They Use?

You need to know what type of products and equipment the cleaning service provide to their clients. The chemical content of the cleaning agent matters because there are cleansing agents out there consist of toxic reagents that can affect the health of your employees too and will also damage flooring and facilities. At Office Cleaning Singapore, our cleaning products are green labelled and our equipment have safety mark. In addition, we are accredited with the Biz Safe ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and the NEA Clean Mark.

Do They Have Any Cleaning Checklist?

You can ask the commercial cleaning company for a cleaning checklist depending on your requirements.. Click the link to view a sample cleaning checklist provided by Office Cleaning Singapore.


Benefits Of Hiring a Commercial Cleaner in Singapore

Comprehensive List of Cleaning Services

When you hire commercial cleaners in Singapore, you have access to all the general duties that include sweeping and mopping the floor, washing windows, cleaning & dusting chairs, tables, sofa, toilets, cupboards and working desks.

No Need To Worry About Absenteeism

Imagine that your dedicated in-house cleaner falls sick. This will hinder your day-to-day and inconvenience you with no backup.

When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about your cleaner falling sick as backup should be accounted for.

Prolong the Lifespan of your Equipment

By maintaining and taking care of your equipment and facility such as carpet shampooing, marble polishing and cleaning following a checklist of scheduled maintenance. This helps to ensure the facility is in a useful and good condition for a longer period of time before upgrade is needed.


In conclusion, having a reliable cleaning contractor ensures that the cleaning standards are well kept, the cleaners are updated of the latest cleaning and safety standards with work carried out in a proper and safe manner.


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